In order to improve your speed there are 4 key areas that must be GREAT

#1: Your set up. There are a lot of people that are losing a ton of time in their sprint because of how they set up. A good coach can tell if someone is going to run a great time just by seeing how they get set up for the sprint. So we include a detail video to improve your sprint and will be sure to go over this area in your breakdown as well.

#2: Your start. If your start is great the chances go up significantly that your sprint time will be great as well. And if your start is great and your times are not definitely join this program because the top end speed form is what I am a master at fixing. The start is more complicated because it is technique AS WELL AS improving overall explosion which is why the 12 weeks of exercises is critical to your success.

#3: The drive phase. I see a lot of people who struggle with their drive phase by popping up too soon or staying in it for too long. The body should continually gain speed like a jet taking off. When the drive phase is off then the result will not be what you want it to be. This is a big reason why we do the breakdowns because if you do not get any coaching on technique during a program, you can be doing your drive phase incorrectly and never improve your speed. The technique here is a huge focus point we make sure you get right!

#4: Top end speed. This is why you are a sprinter in the first place, because YOU ARE FAST. Now it is time to take your speed to a whole new level and start to see the elite times you have been training for. This is where it all comes together and it feels like you are floating on air sprinting through the finish line. When your top end speed is right there is nothing better because you are able to just effortlessly run by people on the way to the finish line!


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"With Morey and the Performance Lab I was able to improve my speed from 14.5mph to 17mph in 2 weeks."
"As a high school football coach, I just love the personalization Morey brings to Sprinting mechanics. He doesn't over teach and has been a great influence on my son"
"I am amazed at the detail you provide in your breakdowns. They help a lot."
"Morey, What did you do to me? I went from running a 7.23 to a 7.08 in 3 weeks."
"I love the workouts in your program. I can see how they will get me faster. I'm excited, thank you coach"
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