Active Muscles While Sprinting

Breaking down and understanding the biomechanics of sprinting can ensure safe running and can ultimately help you improve your form and speed. Understanding which muscles are active while sprinting and landing are important aspects of improving your speed.  Active Muscles While Sprinting During the initial contact between the foot and ground, not much activation within […]

How to Get Faster: Best Lower Body Exercises for Sprinters

Single Leg Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats: When you get to the bottom of the range of motion in an actual squat, a lot of times you find yourself in a little bit more of a flexed spine position in the lower back. In this exercise, you have a more neutral (extended) position in the […]

Shoulder Soreness Exercises for Quarterbacks

It’s common to have arm soreness after throwing or working out the arm multiple days in a row. Here are 5 great exercises to help relieve shoulder soreness for quarterbacks or pitchers.  This first exercise is aimed for tightness located in more of the middle of the shoulder. You’re going to want to be holding […]

How To Get Faster: The Correct Spine Position During The Start

I think one of the biggest misunderstood parts of sprinting is the spine position during the start. With most people focused on the athletes staying lower and therefore negatively impacting the ability of the athlete to effectively get through their start and drive phases. In this post I will show you what you want to […]

How to Create Hip and Shoulder Disassociation in Your Throw  

Hip and Shoulder Disassociation or separation is the action of moving the hips and shoulders in opposite directions. The ability to achieve more separation is proven as a key contributor to increase velocity when throwing a football or baseball. In this post, we will be going over how to achieve more separation in your upper and lower […]

How Hamstring Injuries Occur and How to Prevent Them

The general causes for why hamstring injuries occur are the lack of warming up or preparation for any physical activity, overall tightness within the muscles, especially in the lower back and hamstrings, and asymmetrical muscle strength, which can be characterized by the imbalance of strength and weaknesses within the hamstring muscles, quads, and/or hip flexors. [...]

Wrist Position During the Throw to Increase Power and Accuracy 

Depending on how you hold the ball, the power and accuracy of the throw differs. No matter what size your hands are, quarterbacks can still have strong throwing power depending on their wrist position during the throw. Athletes that have proper wrist positioning during a throw, not only have better accuracy and more power, but […]

Why is Jamaica So Good at Sprinting? (Interesting Facts)

Jamaica is a poor nation, but it has the honor of producing one of the fastest runners in the world when it comes to sprinting. Is it merely a coincidence? Well, not really, there are factors at play that make Jamaicans so good at track and sprint. So if you are wondering why is Jamaica […]

Longest Football Throw: How Can You Get there?

Are you wondering who holds the record for the longest football throw and how did they do it? You’re at the right place, in this post, we’ll see the top 5 NFL players who were able to beat the 70 yards distance with their strong throwing arms and techniques. We’ll also have a look at […]

Is Speed Genetic? Answering the Nature vs Nurture Debate

I was thinking about this phenomenon and had many questions in mind. Is speed genetic? This takes one back to the age-old nature vs nurture debate. But the answers are really important for someone who has joined sprinting quite late and are wondering can they make a 100m run under 10 seconds. The results I’m […]

Why Flat Feet Make You Faster?

It has been widely talked about all the negatives of having a flat foot or low ankle bone when it comes to sports performance. In today’s post, I will go over all the positives that come from having flat feet and how they can actually make you faster. To start, Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter […]

How to Create Horizontal Knee Drive in First Step?

Many sprinters have been talking about the importance of the horizontal step, so I decided to write about how to create a horizontal knee drive in the first step. In this post, we’ll have a closer look at some of the mistakes people make and how to make sure you create the perfect knee drive […]

How To Get A Quicker Release For Quarterbacks?

Almost all the quarterbacks realize the importance of getting the ball out of their hands quickly. It sets up the receivers to make more plays with the ball in their hands and also puts more velocity and power into the throw. Knowing how to get a quicker release for quarterbacks can have a significant impact […]

Knee Extension When Sprinting | What To Train To Get Faster

There have been some interesting comments about knee extension when sprinting on some of the videos that I have made so I thought I would make a post specifically about knee extension. Let’s take a look at the knee extension of the best sprinters in the world to get an idea of what are the […]

How to Train To Become a Better Quarterback?

Time is limited and there’s only some of it that you can put into your improvement day in and day out. So it’s essential that you know how to train to become a better quarterback. You can put in hours of activity, but make sure you are improving within all the right areas to better […]

How to Apply More Force to the Ground When Sprinting? (5 Tips)

If you are a sprinter, you have probably read a lot about how force production is critical when sprinting. So if you are looking to understand HOW to apply more force to the ground when sprinting, you have come to the right place. At the end of the day, when you are sprinting, each individual […]

How Do You Throw a Perfect Spiral (5 Important Tips)

As a quarterback, there are really two things you are judged on: 1. How hard can you throw the football? and 2. How good is your spiral? In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways you can ensure to throw a perfect spiral. As a Quarterback, throwing a consistent spiral can be difficult as you […]

Quarterback Stretches To Increase Throw Power

If you are looking for the most effective quarterback stretches to increase throw power, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will go through some of the shoulder range exercises you could do at your home just inside of a doorway and make it very simple. Most of the people in […]

Keys to an Explosive Start

In this blog post, we will discuss the keys to an explosive start with and without the block. If you are familiar with the world of speed, you have heard the names of Christian Coleman and John Ross. Both of them are known for their explosive starts. In this piece, we’ll analyze and break down […]

Quarterback Exercises: 6 Ways to Increase Throw Power

In the previous blog posts, we talked about how to increase throwing power mechanically and looked at a few things you can try to increase your strength. However, when it comes to quarterback exercises, there are some specific workouts that you can do to enhance your overall throw power. It should be a no-brainer that […]

Top 10 Secrets To Improve Speed Immediately | Sprint Mechanics

Improving sprint speed is important for any athlete. Most people wrongly believe that the more they practice and build their thigh muscles, the faster they’ll be able to run. The truth is far from it, in this post I’ll cover the top 10 secrets to improve your speed immediately. There is a saying, “knowledge is […]

Free Speed Program | How to Get Faster In 28 Days

Hey my name is Morey Croson and I am the best online speed coach in the world and I am here to prove it to you. I am offering you a 28-day free speed program on how to get faster in 28 days because I want you to get faster utilizing my program. This is […]

What Is Turnover Speed? An Analysis

I was searching on the internet for this and I realized not many people are talking about it. So I decided to write a post for beginners to help them understand what is turnover speed and how can they improve it. The short answer is, turnover speed refers to the time during your sprint when […]

Fundamentals Of A Great Throwing Release | Quarterback Mechanics

Have you ever noticed quarterbacks who when they release the ball, their overall motion is so swift and easy that you immediately want to know the techniques they follow? Throwing release is essential for any quarterback. I see a lot of quarterbacks that send me their videos giving breakdowns of themselves throwing and the release, […]

Keys to the Drive Phase in Sprinting (Complete Analysis)

When you start your run, there are some keys to the drive phase in sprinting. The first step is when the foot gets to the knee, the second when the foot gets higher, and the third is the spine position raises. Not sure what I mean? Don’t worry and keep reading. In this blog post, […]

3 Quarterback Drills To Do While Warming Up

Gait/Sprint Evaluation 3 KEY QUARTERBACK DRILLS TO DO WHILE WARMING UP The quarterback is arguably one of, if not the most critical position in football.  A successful quarterback leads, dictates, and sets the tone of the game.  With superior vision comes the ability to navigate through the defensive line, see all receivers, and furthermore, connect [...]

Injury Risk

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Functional Movement

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How To Increase Throwing Power?

For a quarterback in football, it’s essential to know how to increase throwing power If you’ve struggled with generating enough power in your throw, this article is for you. I love studying the specific movements of footballers when they throw a ball. How are they able to generate power and how do body mechanics work […]

5000 Sq/Ft Facility

The Performance Lab of California is currently located in The Factory Training facility located in Van Nuys, California. Our facility has all the tools and space necessary to work specifically on your sport to maximize your overall performance. 

Access To Our Technology

At PLC we are constantly looking for ways to use technology to help get the results our clients are looking for. Our technology includes a motion capture marker-less biomechanics lab, customized online training app, and advanced laser therapy.  

How to Throw a Football in 6 Steps

Have you ever observed people throw the football with extraordinary power and accuracy? How do they do it? If you’re wondering it’s a natural skill and only a few people can do it then you’re in for a surprise. In this article, I’ll explain how to throw a football in 6 steps. If you are […]

Why Coaching Knee Drive is a Myth? How to Get Faster?

Knee drive is a critical part of running but the overall thought process behind teaching knee drive is incorrect. Most people focus too much on “learning” knee drive rather than concentrating on the correct thought process to improve sprinting. In this piece, I’ll explain why coaching knee drive is a myth and how to get […]


Every workout plan is personalized towards each individual’s needs and based around his or her sport. Our trainers are able to personalize your workout to help build on strengths and improve weaknesses while focusing on proper technique to prevent injury. Learn how to throw a football in different steps, just like a pro.  

Biomechanics Lab

Our 8 camera motion capture biomechanics lab was the first marker-less lab in Los Angeles. With our industry-leading technology, we are able to capture 8 different angles at over 1000 frames per second, to ensure no movement goes unnoticed. At the Performance Lab of California, our movement assessment has you go through a series of [...]

DARI Movement Assessment Report

DARI Movement Assessment Report Our DARI software creates a certified report within minutes of completing your movement assessment. The report locates and targets muscle weakness, asymmetries, injury risk, and areas of power production. Asymmetries are the greatest risk for injury. The 7 page all inclusive DARI report measures asymmetries down to the decimal to insure [...]

THOR Laser Treatment

THOR Laser Treatment Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), known as Photobiomodulation Therapy, is a light therapy using lasers and LED lighting to reduce pain, inflammation, and help with tissue repair. Studies report that LLLT increases recovery time by 80%. The application of the near infra-red laser repairs tissue, motion in joints, and reduces inflammation with [...]