Is Improving Your Speed Important To You?

Our Speed and Jumping Mechanics Program is able to maximize your performance and reduce injuries for all Athletes and Sprinters.

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Why Should You Apply For This Program?

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  • If you are searching online for solutions to get faster.
  • If you know improving your running mechanics will impact your overall speed.
  • If you do not have a strategy in place to help improve your speed.
  • If speed is an important part of your sport.
  • If you have had an injury from running.
  • If you are a dedicated athlete looking for REAL results.


What This Program Offers:

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  • A Downloadable PDF Book that teaches you how to run with proper mechanics starting with pushing off of your toes all the way up to head position.
  • Bi-Weekly Video Breakdowns to show continued progress on your running and jumping mechanics.
  • Leg and Core strengthening program based on your needs with a personalized workout plan through our training app.
  • Footwork drills designed to make you quicker and more explosive while teaching the basic fundamentals of sprinting and jumping.


How It Works


1. Personalized Breakdowns

Every 2 weeks send in video from different angles of yourself running. Our speed coaches will analyze your form, make a 5-8 minute video with visual and audio aid, to refine your mechanics and have you running faster within weeks.

2. Individual Workout Program

Based off what we find in your initial video breakdown, we will create a complete workout plan that provides specific training plans for velocity, endurance and conditioning. Our 4 day workout plan enables you to reach your potential while strengthening your entire body.

3. Education

Over the years we have accumulated hours of training videos.  We have a package of drills and videos on technique for you to see while you are a member in our program. This gives you access to a library of information that goes into all the ins and outs of improving your speed and jumps.

4. Accountability

Every week, through our training app, we will communicate with you to ensure you are taking the all the necessary steps to achieve your goals. We are committed to providing you all the resources needed. Within our app you must ‘check in’ for workouts which allows us to properly track your progress throughout your journey in our program.


A big thank you to Morey and the team who helped me recover from a knee injury and drop two tenths off my 40-yard time in time for Football Season!

  • Josh Stangby

I've never realized my sprinting mechanics until I met the Performance Lab of California. They've given me so much clarity on how to run efficiently and personalized my workout program based on my mechanics.

  • Austin

As a track coach always looking to provide my athletes more value, I couldn't thank the Performance Lab enough. They've given me the technology and data for my athletes to maximize their sprinting potential.

  • Will 

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