Sports Specific Training


Strength, Endurance and Technique training based on the sport you play. Our personal trainers at PLC  are able to better your mechanics to help prevent injury and improve your overall performance. Every training plan is customized for each athlete and his/her specific sport.


If your goal is to improve your health or if you are currently injured, our physical trainer is able to create corrective exercises to release the pain and help strengthen your body. After going through our movement assessment, we are able to locate and target the cause of your pain and get you on the right path of being healthy and pain free.


Creative training plans for people who want to get in better shape and be taught the proper technique to lifting weights. Our personal trainers are biomechanics specialists and will have you performing at a high level in a short period of time.



Every workout plan is personalized towards each individual’s needs and based around his or her sport. Our trainers are able…

Access To Our Technology

At PLC we are constantly looking for ways to use technology to help get the results our clients are looking…

5000 Sq/Ft Facility

The Performance Lab of California is currently located in The Factory Training facility located in Van Nuys, California. Our facility…

Benefits of Sports Specific Training



To teach proper technique and fundamentals for weight lifting, speed training, and core strength.


Through our personalized training program, you will see muscle growth occur rapidly. We focus on your biggest needs for improvement. Whether it’s lower body, core, or back and shoulders, our trainers will get you the results you are looking for.


Every client is issued a series of corrective exercises that improve on their weaknesses. This helps prevent potential injuries and rehabs current injuries as well. By learning proper mechanics and improving your strength at PLC, the risk of injury will be reduced.

See What Others Have Said


Samantha Streitfeld

The Performance Lab has not only helped me reach my health and fitness goals BUT they have helped our Law Firm. We love how personalized they are. We love how our workouts aren’t generalized.

Paul Piferi

Using slow motion video analysis, Morey helped me correct and spot details in my mechanics. He improved my strength in those weak areas and I improved my throw from 45 yards to 60 yards.

Alex Hoover-Gibbons

When I started training with Morey I was an average 11 year old pitcher. This past summer I represented USA in the U13 Cepeda Caribbean Classic. Thank you Morey for making me stronger, faster and better.

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