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Our strength and conditioning program is offered to high school football teams throughout Southern California. We travel to your facilities and provide the equipment and resources needed to improve your team’s speed, strength, and overall health.


We have years of experience training championship baseball teams in the Los Angeles area. With our speed and strength training, local baseball teams were able to perform at a high level throughout their season and while staying injury free.


At PLC, we specialize in speed training and knee injury prevention for club and high school soccer teams. We offer a customized ACL/MCL injury prevention warm up, as well as specific drills and exercises to make your team faster.


When training basketball teams our focus is on jumping and conditioning. Our strength and conditioning staff will come out to your team and build on your team’s strength and explosiveness. Being speed and jump specialists, we have a large amount of exercises that will prepare your team for the season.


Jumping is a crucial part of playing volleyball. Through our strength and jump training program, your team will learn the proper mechanics of jumping and build overall power. Everything we do is focused on technique to keep your team healthy and performing at a higher level.


Speed is an important factor when it comes to any sport, but definitely so in lacrosse. We currently do speed training with both boys and girls lacrosse teams. In addition to applying our speed training plan, our staff will teach the correct mechanics for sprinting which will improve your team’s overall speed.  

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Steve Lane

(Lacrosse Head Coach – Chaminade High school)

Sid Lopez

(Cleveland High School – Baseball Head Coach)

Mark Bates

(Athletic Director – Santa Clarita Christian)

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